Shane Russell

All Purpose Software Developer

I am passionate about building software that helps people, and doing so with well designed, reusable code. I specialize in the Ruby on Rails stack, but I've worked with a variety of languages and tools, and am always eager to learn new things.

My development principles


The codebase is shared among all team members. Each team member has a valuable perspective. Discuss technical design with fellow developers. Pair program on projects with significant challenges.

Don't Repeat Yourself

Represent all information in one place. Combine shared logic when possible. This allows you to make changes quickly and correctly.

Keep it Simple

Write the least possible amount code to get the job done. Don't over develop solutions to the problem. Manage complexity through...

Modularity and Reusability

Break logic down into small, understandable parts that are easy to...

Test, Test, Test!

I make mistakes. I write mean, thorough, take no prisoners style tests to catch those mistakes before they hit.

Some things I've worked on


full stack developer
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When I left college, I joined the development team at Listia. Listia is an fun online marketplace that uses a virtual currency. It's the product of a YC-backed startup with a brilliant team.

I worked a lot in shoring up structual issues brought up as the site scaled. I also designed and developed many new features.

I grew a lot as developer there. I became more disciplined in my commits. I became relentless in doing things the right way. I learned how to deal with many of the technical issues that arise from having high amounts of traffic.

Made with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, RSpec, Coffeescript, Sass

Crimson Rewards

web development lead, designer
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At The University of Alabama, football is king.

Other sports need love too though... So the university decided to build Crimson Rewards, a RFID card based loyalty system that rewards users for attending UA athletic events.

I designed and developed the website and Facebook application for Crimson Rewards. The Facebook application includes timed quizzes, polls, and comparisons with your friends. We had a successful first season with over 6000 fans enrolled! The program continues to thrive, and the framework we built was rebranded and sold to the University of Kansas as Rock Chalk Rewards.

Made with PHP, MS SQL Server, Facebook API, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Owles Nest

full stack developer, designer
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Pencil and paper databases (filling cabinets) aren't fun.

A local Arts n' Autism daycare realized this and wanted to go digital. We developed Owles Nest to manage their operations. We expanded functionality to suite similar organizations such as the Veteran's Association and Group Homes.

The first version was developed as a local C# Windows application. We quickly found out this was a nightmare to support. I lead the initiative to redevelop the application in Ruby on Rails, learning along the way.

Made with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

I make art as well

Babel: Floor 143
Babel: Floor 1321
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Code Self Portrait
Still Life
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What's on my mind

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June 17, 2013
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