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April 25, 2013

Hung out with Dave

dave painting
dave painting

My Seattle experience wouldn't be what it was with out Dave. The man knows, loves, breaths, and eats Seattle (dogs).

Ate a Seattle dog

another day, another seattle dog
another day, another seattle dog

Seattle has almost no Latin influence, so burritos are hard to come by. Apathetic young people do still need something cheap and unhealthy to eat though. Meet the Seattle dog.

These aren't the bacon wrapped pieces of limp meat you'll find in SF. These are some substantial dogs. They come in a variety of styles, from kimchi to pizza. The king of them all is the "Seattle" style dog. It involves schmearing a bunch of cream cheese on the inside of the bun, and topping the dog off with a heap of sautéed onions. You can optionally throw in some Sriacha sauce or jalapeños for a little added fire. Yum.

Got rained on (and liked it)

rain or shine, mr squeaky is serenading Seattle with his tunes
rain or shine, mr squeaky is serenading Seattle with his tunes

Starting from the time I first stepped off the train, there was a solid 80 hours of drizzly rain and grey skies in Seattle. I would have expected the constant dreary weather to send me into some kind of a manic depression, but it didn't. It actually grew on me.

When the sun finally began to show, I wasn't sure if I liked it. I got to know Seattle with the rain, and I didn't recognize it anymore. It's like when a friend who's always had a beard decides to shave it off one day. He might look better, but he just doesn't look like him.

I will say this though, everyone did get a heck of a lot cheerier though when the sun came out. Even Mr. Squeaky.

Downed a pint of Manny's

i didn
i didn't have a picture of manny's, so here's more seattle dog shops

There are a lot of places to drink in Seattle. I felt like I spent a lot of my time moving from coffee shops to bars, bars to coffee shops, coffee shops to coffee shops, bars to bars.

Whenever we went out for drinks, I always found myself going back to a Seattle stand by – Manny's. Manny's the Anchor Steam of Seattle. It's an unfiltered pale ale made and exclusively sold in Washington. Some say that it sort of smells like teen spirit.

Was awed by the architecture

this is the future
this is the future

Seattle looks like the future, or maybe just a future themed amusement park. Either way, it's cool. Even in addition to monorail and the space needle, it's got a lot of sheik, creative buildings scattered around downtown.

My favorite is the Seattle Public Library. It's like a seven story Mac store mixed with a piece of modern art. It's got to give you a creative buzz to work or read in there.

the public library, also the future
the public library, also the future

Also, Seattle has incredible sports stadiums. I'm jealous. Century Link, where the Sounders and the Seahawks play, has a great location. It's tucked right beside a booming little part of town called Pioneer Square. Inside the stadium, there is a picture perfect opening revealing the Seattle skyline. It's like a window for the city to pour it's vibes into the stadium and pump up the crowd.

There weren't any soccer or football games happening in town over the weekend… but I did get a chance to catch a motocross race.

here's a place where you can really come as you are

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